If you believe your workplace is not in compliance with the rules in place on COVID-19, please call the provincial government toll-free at 1-800-563-5471. (Please remember to check the provincial government web site to make sure your workplace isn’t an exception to the restrictions of the province. See question #27 on the NL government’s FAQ page.)

But if you do not want to call the government, you can report your experience to us

If you like, we will report your concern anonymously to the Occupational Health and Safety Inspections Division of Service NL or the appropriate government department, without revealing your identity.

While we cannot guarantee that an Occupational Health and Safety Officer will find your safety concerns founded, we can ensure they are heard.

In the box below tell us in a few words your concerns, the name and location of your workplace.

It’s a confidential process.

Every employer is required under occupational health and safety legislation to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

Every worker has the right to refuse unsafe work.

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The contact information and provided above is confidential. The NL Federation of Labour will not share your name, email, or other contact information with your employer.