Privatization: Public Risk, Private Profit

By: Jerry Earle, NAPE President Moya Greene’s economic recovery plan, also known as the Greene Report, recommends government sell off assets and privatize services in order to get the province’s books in order, but years of experience across the country shows privatization will do the opposite. Newfoundland and Labrador is a complex province. We face [...]

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Big Reset Leaves Oil Workers in a Lurch, Just Transition Can Move them Forward

What does it mean to love Newfoundland and Labrador’s oil workers in a time of climate crisis and global energy transformations? The answer: supporting a just transition. This is a “code red” moment for humanity as the consequences of the climate crisis unfold around the world and here at home. If nothing is done, people [...]

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‘Big Reset’ Will Corrode Higher Education

By Josh Lepawsky, Professor of Geography, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador The ‘Big Reset’, the final report and recommendations submitted by Moya Greene as Chair of the Premier’s Economic Recovery Team (PERT) proposes cuts of over $100 million from the post-secondary education budget between now and 2026. These cuts will lower educational quality by [...]

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Labour Day 2021: Dark Clouds and Opportunities

Every Labour Day the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour (NLFL) recognizes the achievements of workers to the well-being and improvements of our province. Until the COVID-19 pandemic, Labour Day was often a time for parades, barbecues and other celebrations. The past 18 months of the pandemic has been extremely challenging for all of us. [...]

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Media Release: ‘Big Reset’ Will Deepen Economic Drisis

ST. JOHN’S — Implementing the ‘Big Reset’ recommendations in the Premier’s Economic Recovery Team (PERT) report will create unnecessary suffering and make the economic crisis in Newfoundland and Labrador worse, finds Unifor Economist and ‘A Fair Reset’ blog author Kaylie Tiessen. “We’ve learned through experience in other jurisdictions that cutting wages and public services to [...]

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