Workers in the hundreds of thousands are stressed out as they face an imminent financial crisis. Canada’s special COVID-19 measures for EI and Recovery Benefits will soon run out for many.

There are only 3 bi-weekly payments remaining for many workers and the government has failed to
tell us what will happen next.

The Federal government must extend COVID-19 Income Supports until year-end or the official end of the pandemic:

  1. Increase the number of Canada Recovery Benefit and Recovery Caregiving Benefit weeks
  2. Increase the number of Employment Insurance benefit weeks for all claimants
  3. Increase, as promised, the number of EI Sickness/Quarantine benefit weeks
  4. Extend all benefit coverages to all migrants
  5. Provide low-income workers with debt forgiveness of Canada Emergency Response Benefit
    (CERB) repayments. Ensure access to justice and a fair appeal process for all benefits.

We also need an EI review to provide comprehensive, permanent reforms.

The scars on the Canadian economy will last long after 2021. As Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada, Carolyn Wilkins said, “the economic recovery will likely be uneven, and it must be recognized that some people and jobs will be left behind.”

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